3D Imaging

Dr. James Babiuk Joliet

3D imaging raises diagnostic possibilities to a new level compared to 2D imaging. Compared to medical CT imaging, CBCT imaging offers many benefits: lower dose as the FOV size and location can be optimized to avoid radiation sensitive organs, better spatial resolution in bony structures and lower cost of purchase, commissioning, maintenance and use. Examinations are fast and convenient for the patients.

Our office is one of the few dental offices with an on-site 3D Cone Beam CT Scanner! This revolutionary technology provides three-dimensional views that allow our doctors to thoroughly assess and plan each patient prior to any procedure. Unlike a traditional CT Scanner, this 3D system utilizes Cone Beam Technology and provides us with precise, crystal-clear images. The information that the scan offers is invaluable during the assessment and planning phases of dental implants and many other surgeries. We are able to accurately visualize and prepare for issues such as bone quality and the location of sinuses, nerves, and other vital anatomical landmarks. By utilizing this scan prior to surgery, we greatly improve our patients' experience and deliver a positive treatment outcome.

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