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What is Oral Pathology?

Oral pathology refers to the identification and management of any disease affecting the mouth and surrounding facial regions. This can include diseases ranging from oral cancer to chronic bad breath (halitosis). Since the mouth is fundamental to eating, breathing, and speaking, caring for conditions that affect your oral health is essential for maintaining good overall health. Dr. Babiuk specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of oral diseases. If you are experiencing any pain, discomfort or other symptoms in your mouth, schedule a consultation at Dr. Babiuk's office.

Oral Cancer

Even though smokers have an increased risk for oral cancer, 25% of oral cancers occur in people who do not smoke or have other risky lifestyle factors. Young patients, especially those who may have contracted HPV (Human Papillomavirus), are at increased risk for oral cancer. The highest risk group is patients over 40 with risky lifestyle factors such as tobacco use. However, even if your teeth and mouth appear perfectly healthy, it is still important to screen for signs that may not yet be visible at a glance.

Your oral health is an indication of your overall health, so just because a problem in your mouth seems harmless does not mean that it should be overlooked. Dr. Babiuk can examine your mouth to screen for signs of oral cancer, since the disease often starts out painless. At the very least, an oral cancer screening can help prevent infections of the mouth before they ever cause you pain or discomfort. If diagnosed, Dr. Babiuk will work with you to create a plan for treatment.

Oral cancer is highly curable if it is caught in its early stages. When premalignant lesions or early-stage oral cancer is found, treatment is simpler, less invasive, and over 82% successful. Of course, a daily regimen of brushing and flossing as well as regular dental check-ups can inhibit the onset of oral cancer conditions before they start. Staying away from high-risk factors like smoking and tobacco chewing can also drastically decrease your risk of contracting oral cancer.

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