Sedation Dentistry

What is sedation dentistry?

Sedation dentistry uses medication to relax a patient during procedures. The medication will suppress your awareness of what is going on during the procedure so you do not experience any pain or anxiety during surgery.

What happens while I am under sedation?

While you are sedated, it will feel as though you are asleep through the entire procedure. The brain is still technically conscious under IV sedation and you will be able to communicate with staff during treatment. However, you will be in such a deep state of relaxation that you will not feel any unease or remember undergoing the procedure.

How does sedation work?

First, an IV is attached to your arm in order to administer the sedatives into your blood stream. Once you are in a state of relaxation, you will be injected with anesthesia to numb the site of the procedure. Once the procedure has been completed, you will wake up without any memory of discomfort or anxiety.

Sedation dentistry allows the patient to receive optimal treatment while remaining comfortable. Dr. Babiuk can work for a longer period of time while the patient is under sedation, thus requiring fewer appointments to finish the treatment.

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